Initially, looking at the map of Green buildings in NJ, it seemed like these buildings would be built by and in more affluent areas, since building outside of the norm is expensive. However, during my analysis I realized that having money was not a reason for going green (since the buildings were built both in high per capita income areas as well as low per capita income areas). Rather the Green buildings were built by those who were more aware of the dangers of environmental degradation, such as global warming (for instance, the areas around the air quality and water monitoring stations). Even though the Green buildings were built in both affluent and economically challenged areas, they were more likely in a White majority neighborhood instead of ones with the minorities. Since we have already disregarded the idea of economic status playing a role in the constructions of Green buildings, the only explanation could be that the White population is more environmentally conscious than the minorities: which include the Blacks, Hispanics etc, perhaps because that could be because as a group, the Black and Hispanic population are still struggling to make a place in the society for themselves.

According to my analysis the main reason for choosing a location to construct a Green building are “environmental” reasons. This means that those interested in constructing (or converting one into) a Green building are also interested in other means to protect our earth. For instance, in our analysis, we saw that the Green buildings were all built on previously contaminated areas, which the builders cleaned and rehabilitated for the new building instead of wasting resources some place else. Likewise, the Green buildings were built in proximity to railway lines, whereby the occupants/visitors of the building could reduce the burden on our earth by using the public transportation instead of using their individual cars.

Hence, this project taught me that “going green” is not about the money but having the drive to do something good for our earth.

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